Distinct Mail​

Distinct Mail

This is an innovative approach to advertising that leverages the benefits of both traditional print media and digital technology. By integrating advertisements into a digital magazine and using QR codes, business owners can reach their target audience in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.


Our partnership with Canada Post allows for efficient distribution to the desired locations, making it a smart neighbourhood marketing campaign. Offering additional features such as trackable links, videos, and KYC links makes your solution more attractive to potential customers by providing a more comprehensive and interactive advertising experience.

Is investing in Maildapt a wise use of your marketing budget?

Yes, despite its reputation as an “archaic” form of marketing, direct mail continues to be a popular and effective marketing channel for many businesses, especially direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands. The high open rate and tangible nature of direct mail, as well as its ability to reach specific target audiences, are among the factors that make it appealing to these brands.


By using a combination of channels and tactics, D2C brands can reach customers in a variety of ways, build stronger relationships with them, and maximize the impact of their marketing efforts. Direct mail can be an effective part of this mix, especially when used in conjunction with other channels, such as digital advertising and social media.


QR code is then printed to a flyer which is distributed by Canadad Post


Assess your marketing needs


Draft a plan that fits your budget

How does

Distinct Mail Work?

By tracking key data elements such as trackable links, time spent on ads, shares and calls, you can gain valuable insights into how your campaign is performing and what aspects of it are resonating with your target audience.

Magazine is integrated to a QR Code


Place your ad in the magazine for the set target area


Design your Ad for the compaign