Targeting and Analytics

At Maildapt, it’s all about the data and results. We provide in-depth analysis of your marketing campaign, including reach, engagement time, clicks, unique visitor clicks, and link clicks. Maildapt delivers the insights you need to measure success.
How do we do it?


receives a flyer with a QR Code on it

Customer scans the QR code which directs them to a digital magazine



They can now scroll through the pages, click on links or even watch a video

We’ll share data with you on the total number of unique page visits, total time spent on the ad and the number of unique clicks on the links



This data will help you to
improve the marketing
campaign and monitor it

Our magazine is a fully trackable online document with added features like videos, GIFs, and hyperlinks, allowing you to track engagement and gauge audience interests. Gain insight with page view and session duration metrics, empowering you to continually improve your content.

Why We Stand Out?

Evaluate lead quality and sales
experience by scoring leads and use key findings to improve advertising and inside sales processes.

Use campaign tracking data to inform future direct mail strategies and drive informed decision making.

Boost ROI with Digital Integrations and Targeting